3D Models / by Brooke

Normally, I always draw out my landscape plans by hand.  I love doing them this way.  They are more aesthetically pleasing.  Really, like a piece of art.  And more fun for me to do rather than using a computer program.  However, there are some aspects of landscape and design that a 3D model is much more useful.  And fun to do for a change, too.  

Like this one I have been working on for a client.

3D Model

A design plan for a pergola.  The 3D Model is nice here because it has a more engaging design and much easier to see the proportions (like with my lovely virtual model standing here).  It also ensures that the client and I understand the intentions perfectly.

And another one for the same project:

3D Model

You get the full effect here with raised planter boxes, pergola, arbor and fencing and various levels and heights of each.



Then, the inspiration photos for the project.  I like using these with the models because it adds life and personality.

Here, the raised planter boxes:

Planter box

See the fence here:

And the arbor:

The whole thing fits together so nicely, and the models help with scale and proportion.  So fun to see it all come together.