all things pots and planters / by sadie


It will come as no shock that I have a weakness for pots and planters.  Let's face it.  I have a weakness for just about everything we talk about.  That's why I'm here. So today let's talk pots.  I love what they add as a finishing touch to a great landscaping job.  They attract attention, pull a space together, and can switch out from year to year, keeping things fresh.  I like my pots simple, but interesting.  Here are a few favorites.


Geraniums are always popular and can be very striking.  Here in small pots with sweet potato vine.  I love the stark contrast of colors here.

Geraniums in a bigger planter draws more attention.  I love how full and lush they are, which is important when filling a larger space.  You don't want the pot looking sparse.

When filling bigger planters, I like to be more dramatic.  You can do this by adding a larger perennial or shrub.  Like here with the boxwood in the center, surrounded by full white geraniums.


Again the boxwood, with wandering jew this time.

Lately I have been loving the look of agave.  It adds a great color and texture contrast.  Planting some annuals like these lobelias really make it pop.  This year I paired the agave with calibrachoa aloha series.  It's also very nice.

These classic terra cotta pots have a fresh, modern look when paired with the right plant.  Like the sedum and creeping jenny on the left.  Then some blue fescue grass and scotch moss on the right.  Again, I love the texture and contrast between the two.

Just stunning.

Planters and Pots

I think I may start my own pot collection.  Oh wait, I think I already have.