An Element of Fire / by Brooke

Living in Cache Valley is wonderful, but our few months of summer always seems much too short for me. Adding an element of fire extends the use of your landscape and instantly fabricates an outdoor room. The following photos illustrate some lovely ways to incorporate fire into your own yard.

When thinking of creating your own outdoor fire pit here are some things to consider.

  • Wood Burning
  • Natural Gas
  • Alternative (ethanol etc...)

Wood burning fire pits are easy to build and the cost can be very low depending on the materials you choose for the pit. But I know a client who decided to have a wood burning fire pit installed and they don't use it very much due to the smoke and the amount of laundry that the family has to do every time they roast a marshmallow. Another disadvantage to the wood burning pit is that many city codes require the fire pit to be at least 25' away from any structure.

Natural gas is a great option for convenience (most have a remote to turn it on and off) and with most burners you can adjust the height of the flames and therefore the heat that it puts off. However, it can be expensive to use and is also  expensive to install upfront. But I  like it due to the fact that it is smokeless and can be a lot closer to the house, which makes is much more functional.

Alternative sources such as ethanol are great if you just want the look of fire. Ethanol is a clean and renewable bio fuel. These don't put off a lot of heat and can also be expensive, but this too is smokeless and gives you the option of relocating your fire as there is no utility hook ups. make really beautiful burners.