another mood board / by Brooke

I have to admit, I love putting these together.  Here is a mood board from one of the landscaping projects we are working on now.  The plans for these projects always come in a few pieces.  The mood board (like this one), then the actual landscaping plans, as well as pictures and inspiration of the plants and trees we are using.  

This is usually the most fun part, looking at the features of the plan and finding pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

inspiration board


1. I love these pavers.  This particular style is called Urbana Pavers.  Very beautiful.  We've used these on a number of our projects and are always happy with them.

2. Another option for pavers, particularly for the firepit area.

3. Large planters out front and around the house.  Great accent piece.

4. Fence.  I like the horizontal slats here.  Still a classic look but a bit more modern and interesting than the traditional vertical fence slats.

5. Pergola over the garage.

6. My client really wanted a fire pit with permanent outdoor seating.  I love this take on it.  Really creates an outdoor living space.

7. Raised garden boxes.

8. Boulder wall.

9. Love these stone steps and the flagstone.

10.  I designed this shed to have barn doors on either side so it's easy to move equipment or bikes in one door and out the other.