Backyard Sport Courts / by Brooke

Summer is here.  Thank goodness.  It is getting warmer and busier.  Lots of both, which is good.  We have been busy, busy working on some projects and a few side ones.  I'll post photos of soon.  

Until then, I have been doing some research for a couple clients on sport courts.  What could be a better summertime activity than kids outside with a basketball or tennis racket?  I love the idea of a sport court because it appeals to so many ages.




There are a lot of things to think about when you are putting in a sport court.  What sort of fencing do you want? Lighting?  Do you want a tennis court, racket ball court, basketball court?  There are different flooring options, as well as different set-ups.  It can take a little work, but it is important to find the court that will be the best fit for your needs.



Of course, from a design standpoint, I like to think about how it will work in with the rest of the yard.

I like this idea here.  The beautiful patio/seating area right next to the court.  It seems like you will get a lot more use out of your court this way.  Really make it a focal point of your entertaining area.