Design Inspiration / by Brooke

Still working on collecting ideas and inspiration for a current landscaping project. (See the project plans here.)  My client has a traditional/formal home and they are wanting to add some beautiful things -- both in and out.  Keeping in mind their classic style, here are a few images I have stumbled across that would be simply stunning.  What do you think?  

Love the statement of this boxwood entryway.  Adds a lot of drama.

classic landscaping




You knew I would use a lot of boxwood, right?  But it is such a great shrub and has a nice, classic design.  Very pretty and stays green all year.


boxwood bedsource


Some nice patio ideas:

wall and patiosource

formal patio


And the fun stuff.  The pool.  Amazing, right?

formal pool


Hoping to get things going soon!