Design Your Space: Part II / by Brooke


So remember last week.  We were talking about walls, right?  Onto the next part in designing our landscape space.  What comes after walls?  Floors, of course.

Isn"t this nice?

modern landscape design

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Or maybe floors should come first?  In any case.  They are floors and we have lots of options.  Let"s just leave it at that.

There is wood for decking (like the beautiful one above).

Or stone, of course.

modern landscape design

We"ve already discussed the benefits of concrete squares:

modern landscape design

I also like this alternative.  Cut stone in grass or could do with groundcover.

modern landscape design

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More concrete squares with moss between. 

Pavers have a classic look that can be very nice.
modern landscape design

Again, a lot to think about.  It"s good to first ask what the area will be used for.  Kids playing, dogs running, outdoor barbeques, formal guests, casual entertaining?

Maybe grass is your best floor option if you have dogs or kids (funny how often those two group together).  Or there are great options if you are wanting to add to an existing patio.  Adding larger pavers or even a different style of concrete can frame a patio without it looking patchwork and haphazard.

There is also pea gravel, crushed stone, or crushed concrete.  A look I am especially liking lately.  Great for walkways or could work for gathering areas, such as garden boxes or firepits, though not quite as comfortable on the feet.


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So put some thought into your floors this week.  And not your kitchen floors.  Those can just stay dirty.  The outdoor ones are much better.  No PineSol required.