First things first: Walls / by Brooke

Settling on a landscape design is a fairly simple process.  It"s really a series of basic questions.  Sort of like designing a house.  Actually, a lot like designing a house.  So first thing in our yard "house" is the wall.

    Some things to think about:

    • Are you looking for privacy?
    • Do you have a great view?
    • Will your wall offer shade?
    • Is the new Batman movie really worth the hype? (not quite as relevant, maybe)

    A nice fence like the one above will give you great privacy and adds a cozy aura but could also block a beautiful view.  Then again, if that view is your neighbor"s garbage can that"s probably ok.

    Another more modern approach to walls is a glass screen.  Like here with frosted glass.  It is beautiful to look at and is a little more inviting than a traditional fence.  And with the frosted glass, you"re not exactly living in a fish bowl -- it also gives you some privacy.


    If you"re looking for a little privacy but still would like a chance to preserve your pristine view, plants may be a good option.  Like here with planters and a "wall" of grass.  Still gives a wall and some privacy but won"t block the mountains and sunset.

    modern landscape design
    image via Anthony Paul Landscape Design


    So the possibilities are endless.  You just have to ask the right questions.

    modern fence

    image via lifebegreen


    Too many questions.

    modern landscape design

    image via formfireglassworks


    Maybe landscape design is not quite so simple.

    But the end results can be extremely rewarding.

    image via NIB