happy fourth / by Brooke

  Hoping your holiday is filled with lots of sunburns, swimming, ice cream, fireworks, watermelon, burgers, and lots of red, white, and blue.  I gathered together some of my favorite red, white and blue flowers.  Would be fun to have these all blooming together for the holiday, wouldn't it?


1. Clematis.  Perfect for training on walls and arbors.

2. Coral Bells, Firefly.

3. Kniphofia, Nancy Red



4. Allium.  These creamy whites make a great cut flower.

5. Armeria maritima, 'Alba'. Pretty groundcover that forms neat mounds.

6. White Fountain Gaura



7. Sedum, Blue Spruce and Lidakense.

8. Dwarf Blue Artic Willow.  Can be found in shrub or tree form.

9. Cobalt Blue Primrose.