Happy Weekend / by sadie

image: Terra Ferma Landscapes

Any fun plans this weekend? I am hoping to take a break from our landscaping projects to do some gardening. Really exciting, right? I must be a glutton for punishment. We always grow corn, beans, and tomatoes and sometimes get crazy and plant artichoke or something. What can I say? We live on the edge. This year we kept it simple, thankfully.  That doesn't mean I'll be able to handle what we've got.


Here's a few interesting gardening links to explore on the web while you procrastinate your own yard work:

Have you seen this cute video on gardening with kids? Love the rubber boots and the miniature wheelbarrow.

A creative way to grow a garden with no space. Awesome idea. Plus, the colors are pretty.

How would you like to eat at a restaurant with fresh ingredients? Fresh as in it grew on the roof. Love this idea.

A lettuce growing vending machine? Yes please.

Great tips for a Rocky Mountain gardener.

Have you seen Anthropologie's series: How Does Your Garden Grow?  I'd love to submit a photo for June.

Love these ideas for adding texture to your landscaping.  And some great photos (see image above).


Have a great weekend!