In between before and after / by Brooke

I am always putting up lots of before and after shots because let's face it, that's what everyone cares about.  But I think the "during" shots deserve a post every once in awhile.  After all, that's where the magic happens.  Or at least all the sweating and cursing. I should add a disclaimer first.  All these pics are from my iphone, which is great for playing angry birds but not as great for taking professional quality photos.  So this is the best you get.  Sorry.

Ok here we go.

First things first.  Well not really first.  I'm skipping through all the planning and prep stages of the landscaping project: drawing up plans, inspiration board, meetings with client, etc.  We'll save those for another day.  Let's focus on day-of stuff.

Here is my favorite part: laying out the shrubs, perennials, and trees all ready to be planted.  It is actually harder than it looks.  This is a job I usually undertake myself.  It takes a anal "special" person to do this.  A lot of measuring, shifting, and stepping back with your finger on your chin and saying, "hmmm..."  It's important to get the right look and distance between plants.  Especially considering not only how the layout looks now, but how it will look five years from now and beyond.

Also part of this first step is installing edging.  Here, steel edging.  Which I think has a clean, sleek look that draws the attention to the landscaping, not the edging.


While I'm laying out plants, usually the guys start planting trees, which involves a lot of digging (of course) and then a lot of watering.  Both the trees and shrubs need a good soak right after planting.

landscaping job

On this particular project, we also put in a stone walkway.  So we lay those out here.  Love how this is turning out.  Right next to some boxwood and a few agastache sunset.  So pretty.


After everything has been planted, weed barriered (yup, I just turned weed barrier into a verb), and soaked, then we add gravel or bark (in this instance) and clean up.

Somehow, I ended up without a finished picture of the bark, but this is a "during" post anyway, right?

All in a day's work.

Now on to the next one.