Japanese Garden Inspiration / by Brooke

We have been putting together a mood board for a beautiful Japanese Garden.  I love how calm and serene these feel.  So peaceful.  Here are a few of the plants I have been looking at. Love this taller Avalanche Grass, right next the colorful Dianthus.  The texture of the grass is really so soft right next to the shorter purple flower.



And here the Buckthorn adds height but in miniature, giving some privacy but still at the right scale.



And, of course, what could be more classic for a Japanese Garden than a Japanese Maple.  Love these smaller trees with such deep, vibrant foliage.




And then lots of low-growing green moss, surrounded by taller grasses.  The variety of sizes and textures really adds interest and coziness to the space.





Still working on the hardscape mood board.  Lots of great ideas there, as well.  Nice to see it all coming together.