landscape remodel / by Brooke

A landscape remodel is always a good challenge.  Cleaning things up, clearing things out, keeping a few favorites, but getting a fresh new look.  Plus, you always get great before/after shots, right?  So here is what we were looking at:

The owner of this beautiful home in Ogden, Utah was looking for a fresh update.  The older home was completely gutted to fit my client's style -- midcentury modern.  She was looking for a landscape to match.

So first you will notice, there were lots of junipers.  Lots and lots.  In fact, I think just about every square inch of the foundation had a juniper.  Not the most inviting plant and not a favorite of my client.  So our first task was to pull out all the junipers.  (Trust me, this was daunting.)  Next we cleared out the ferns up front (those we were able to relocate, you'll see later).  This alone made quite a difference.

Up front, there was also this lovely Japanese maple.  My client loved the tree but the location was all wrong.  The planter was in such an awkward position (so awkward that we ended up grassing it).  Luckily, the maple we were able to relocate to the backyard.

Nice when we don't have to throw everything out.  Sometimes a different location can make all the difference.

Then to the back.  We did a lot of cleaning back here.  Kept the plants we liked, ripped out the ones we didn't.  Since everything back here was the same dull green, we planted hosta (adding some white), brunnera (which has a silver leaf), and lots of vinca.

japanese maple

Love the subtle contrast of colors here.  And can you find the Japanese maple?  It blends in so well.

Planted some hosta back here as well and the carex grass.  And remember these ferns?  They were relocated from the front entry.

Speaking of the front walkway and entry, I think I like how those turned out the best.  Remember the before, right?  The lovely juniper taking up every spare inch?  Here's the after.


Much cleaner, right?  After ripping out the juniper and the oaks, it really opened things up.  We then put in some goldbar grass that has nice color (sort of variegated) and then a creeping mahonia groundcover.  We chose the creeping mahonia to match the Oregon grape on the right, which my client already liked.  The creeping mahonia is similar but will stay low to the ground, offering varied height to both sides.

front walkway

A nice update, I think.  It really opens things up through the walkway and entry way.  Much more inviting than the scratchy junipers.

And here's the entry way:

We used rows of Mexican beach pebble and scotch moss.  We both love how it turned out.  Still on their way are some beautiful concrete planters, which should be the perfect finishing touch.


Love how it all turned out.  Now anyone have need of six bajillion junipers?