Lighting / by Brooke

Here we are on the brink of fall.  Can you believe it?  I swear every summer gets shorter.  I don't know about you, but I am trying to take advantage of every "summer" (Can we pretend it's still summer?) night we have left.  Since the nights are getting colder and darker sooner, it's time we talked some lighting. landscape lighting

Lighting certainly adds a lot to a landscape and is obviously great for more practical reasons -- like light.  It's nice to have for these fall evenings when it is darker sooner.  However, too much lighting can make your yard look more like an amusement park. Which is great when you're going to Disneyland.  Not so nice when you are hoping to enjoy a pleasant evening in your backyard.  So here are a few of the subtleties of outdoor lighting.

There are two kinds of lighting that you typically use in landscaping, pathway light and spotlighting.

Pathway lighting:

landscaping lighting

Low-level pathway

landscaping lighting

Bollard lights

Landscaping Lighting

In-ground Well Light


The pathway lights are obviously great for pathways or places where lighting can help you see where you are going.  The bollard light are a little bit taller and would be good for driveways or running paths so snow won't cover them.  The low-level lights are great for small walkways and planters.


The second kind of lighting we use is spot lighting:

Landscaping Lighting

Spotlights are great for accenting a tree, a statue, or another focal point in your yard.  Also nice for finding a front door or knowing where to park.


Lighting is something most people forget to think about in the process of landscaping.  It's not until they are outside in the dark and are wishing they had some nice lighting.  And when you do, it can make all the difference.

Lighting landscape

landscaping lighting