loving the firepits / by Brooke

Yes, summer is finally here.  I mean really here.  Like triple digit temperatures and long beautiful sunsets and keeping kids awake far past their bedtime.  Spending summer evenings outdoors is a given, and it seems that I rarely have a client who doesn't consider putting a firepit in.  And none that regret it.

It is a beautiful fixture and really can become the focal point for your landscaping.  Firepits also extend the life of your yard by adding light and entertainment long after the sun has gone down.  Which is especially nice in Cache Valley when the summers feel so short.

Stone and moss

We have put in some beautiful firepits over the years and continue to do so.  Some gas, some wood burning.  The wood burning are the least expensive and make the best marshmallows.  Plus, you can brush up on your boy scout skills.  But let's face it.  They are stinky and smoky, requiring lots of showers and laundry.  And they come with restrictions.

Gas firepits are more expensive to install but can be closer to the home and can give you the perfect flame by flipping a switch.

Outdoor landscaping

Either way, the final result can be just breathtaking.