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Peony, Sunset, and Iris Perennial Flowers 1. Agastache Sunset 2. Paeonia Takara (Peony) 3. Iris Pallida Variegated (Iris)


Here are a few of my perennial favorites lately.  These are sort of our fallback perennials because they always look good and are easy to care for.  In fact, we have a bunch of the sunset and peonies coming in this week for some clients.  It's always exciting to see the truckload pull up. Ok, daunting, too. Here's a little more about each:


Love the peony. It's a cross between a tree peony and a herbaceous peony so the flowers are a bit different. It blooms more than once, which is always something I look for in a perennial. And the stems won't flop with the weight of the flowers like the herbaceous ones do.


I never tire of the Sunset. This perennial is hardy and drought resistant. It loves the heat and will bloom all summer long. The colors are nice, too. Orange and purple. Putting some of these in this week. I'll try to snap a pic.


Some think of the iris as being old fashioned but I love to use this variegated variety in mass. It is very dramatic and gives it a fresh, modern touch. I like the foliage even better than the flower, so even after it blooms, it is still awesome.