plant gallery / by Brooke

As promised, here is a compilation of the plants we used in the landscaping plan from last week.  As pretty as they look on paper (or screen), the actual effect is even more spectacular.modern landscape design


1. Boxwood.  Always a favorite because it looks good both as an informal or formal shrub depending on how you prune it.  Also love that it stays green in the winter.

2.Campanula carpatica ‘Blue Clips’.  A very beautiful low spreading perennial.

3. Heuchera ‘Firefly’. Love these bright red flowers that shoot out from tidy mounds of foliage.

4. Delphinium ‘Sky Blue’ .

5. Fern, Ostrich. Love the color on these ferns.

6. Hosta, Minute Man.

7. Coral Bells, Midnight Rose.

8. Meadow Sage, May Night.  Love these because they are easy to care for and have a long lasting bloom.

9. Hydrangea ‘Incrediball’ .  I love the huge flowers on this variety.  They really make a statement.

10. Butterfly Bush, Miss Ruby. This variety of lilac is compact and has beautiful, vibrant blooms.

11. Sumac, Tiger Eyes.  Great color on this one.

12. Tallhedge, Fine Line.

13. Viburnum, Brandywine.