Plant Spotlight: Boston Ivy / by Brooke

Ok, here we go.  Hello March and spring (ish).  It's about time!  

With spring coming, and summer on its heels, I have been putting together inspiration boards and drawing up landscaping plans.  Lots of stuff coming in.  Exciting stuff!


With all that, I have been thinking about my favorites, favorite plants and trees (and favorite ice cream flavors, too but try not to get me started there).  Which lead me to Boston Ivy.



Boston Ivy is a great vine.  It adds such charm and character to a home.  The foliage is beautiful in the spring and summer, but in the fall it turns a bold, rich red.  Just breathtaking.  And a nice variety to the usual green foliage of other plants.  It is also a fast-mover which is always a bonus.


With our cold (ok, freezing) winters, I usually encourage people to plant Boston Ivy on an east or north wall so it is a little more protected.


But it does have a nice effect, doesn't it?