something green / by Brooke


This time of the year, I am in the mood for color.  Especially in Cache Valley where we have the yucky inversion.  Ick.  That's why I love evergreens.  They are a great complement to any landscape job and (bonus) they add color in the winter.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Thuja plicata (whipcord).  This is a small, slightly weeping form of the regular Arborvitae.  Its smooth evergreen foliage forms a compact shrub.  I love the pretty color, too.

2. Taxus media (Japanese spreader).  The needles on this shrub are actually soft and they grow out horizontally.  Again, they have a great color.

3. Pinus nigra (Arnold Sentinel Pine).  This is a columnar pine tree with dark green needles.  So pretty, though  not deer resistant.

4. Abies Lasiocarpa (Sub-alpine fir).  These trees can really make a statement.  This variety grows 30 to 50 feet tall, eight feet wide.