Sturdy Planters / by Brooke

I really love the difference some well-placed planters can make on a landscaping job.  We are anxiously waiting for several next week for one of my clients.  They've chosen these beautiful ones from Capital Gardens. classic planters


These are the Grosvenor Planters with a weathered finish called faux lead.  We're getting troughs, cubes, and bowls.  So fun.


I really love these planters, and not just the Grosvenor style.  There are lots more options: classic, modern, all kids.  What really sets these apart, though, is their durability.  In a climate as harsh as Utah, these are a great choice.  You can leave them out all winter and they won't split in the cold weather.  So nice.


We'll fill these with boxwood and annuals next week when they come in.  I'll be sure to snap some photos!