Synthetic Turf / by Brooke

I know, I know.  Synthetic turf seems like it would be an unpopular topic around here.  But before you start picturing that florescent green rug like you'd find at your grandma's...or the dump, let me say that synthetic lawns have come a long way.  They make a lot of sense for a commercial property where you may want a manicured look without the upkeep.  Sound too good to be true?  It may not be.  

In fact, we have a client right now with an interior design office in Salt Lake and we've chosen synthetic turf through Forever Lawn.  Here is an inspiration photo for what we are putting together.





Pretty simple, but very classic.  Along with a concrete walkway, we'll be using synthetic turf and shaped boxwood.  Low maintenance, but still very manicured.  A nice combination and especially good for a commercial property where lawn care becomes just another headache. I think this will be a great choice.


Definitely something to consider if it fits your needs.