concrete planters

Tropical Wash by Brooke

Ready for another landscaping update?  It's that time of year when we are tying up all loose ends on our projects.  Always exciting to see the finished product.  This particular project, we designed a few concrete planters, two by the seating and entertaining area and then one by the driveway.  I love how they turned out.  They really add another dimension to the mature landscaping already in their yard.  

This planter is one of two by the seating area.  We used corten steel boxes in the center to separate the agave and mexican beach pebble from the rest of the plants.  Love that tropical feel.  The rest in there is Black Heart Sweet Potato.

tropical planter


Love the variety of textures here.  We also used Berry Blend Lantana, Compact Purple Blue Osteos, and Vista Fuchsia Petunias.


concrete planters


And here.  A nice backdrop to the firepit, don't you think?




Closeup of the agave:agaveSee why I like it so much?  I love it here next to the Mexican beach pebble.

Here is the other planter by the driveway.  You can really see the steel box here.  So useful in separating plants with a clean, exact line.

concrete planter


For this planter, our client wanted to match the others on the terrace but using perennials, rather than annuals, to cut down on maintenance a bit.  This will grow in nicely over the next year or so.concrete planter


Bordering the planter we put Snowcap Shasta Daisy's, Pikes Peak Penstemon and Lemon Chiffon Heuchera.

In the center (to grow in with the beach pebble), we are planting three Miscanthus "Little Kitten".  Like this:



Overall, this will give her a lot of perennial color throughout the summer and still mimic the planters around the main outdoor seating area.

It's always satisfying to see everything come together like this.