DIY Dipped Terra Cotta by Brooke

I made some dipped terra cotta pots for a wedding luncheon last weekend.  The client was looking for something simple, but classy.  I liked how they turned out.  It was a relatively easy project for a wedding or even resting on your kitchen table, where mine sits right now. DIY potted plant


  • 6" Euphorbia tirucalli plant
  • 6" Terra Cotta pot
  • 1 gallon of paint (color of your choice)
  • 1 quart of shellac (clear)
  • A handful of chartreuse reindeer moss

So, are you ready for the step by step in-depth, scientific process?  No?  Good because it's actually very simple.  Take your terra cotta pot and dip it sideways in the paint.  Then let it dry.  I actually put my pots on a board with nails sticking out so the bottom of the pot doesn't stick to the board.  While it's drying sit on the couch with a magazine and eat a handful of chocolate chips.  It sounds irrelevant, but it's actually a very crucial step.


After it's dry (and you've finished your magazine), put a thin layer of shellac over the entire pot using a rag.  After the shellac dries, you are finally ready to transport the pencil plant in the terra cotta pot and cover the soil with reindeer moss.  Of course, you could substitute other plants in the pot as well.  I found this pairing looks nice and is easy to transport.


There you have it.  A nice, easy DIY that will look great resting on your kitchen table.

'Tis the Season by Brooke

I love having boxwood around.  They stay tidy and neat in the summer, hearty and green in the winter, and you can use cuttings to make great holiday wreaths.  That's win-win-win-win.  Or maybe just three wins.  In any case, they are fun to have around.  For this one, I used an old frame as the base and attached boxwood all around.  So easy.


Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

Seasonal Planters by Brooke

I love changing up the planters and pots for the holiday seasons.  As long as they can handle the cold weather, it's a perfect way to accent your entryway in what could be a long, dreary, boring winter.  Not that it would be, though.  Just in case, right?  

Here's a few pics from instagram.  Love the fall colors with the kale here mixed with evergreens: blue spruce and mugo pine.

Fall Colors by Brooke

I love the fall colors.  So many cool things to do with gourds, leaves, flowers.  If decorating for Halloween isn"t your thing, time to put together some beautiful fall arrangements and centerpieces.  Spotted these ones on Houzz.  Some really nice ideas:


Purple mums with butternut squash.  Love these colors:

Also love these white hydrangeas paired with yellow and green gourds:

Pinecones are always a fall classic.  Makes a pretty centerpiece.

These fig branches add great height and are perfect for fall:

I love this simple idea of a bowl of artichokes. It would be so easy and inexpensive but would last a long time.