something green by Brooke


This time of the year, I am in the mood for color.  Especially in Cache Valley where we have the yucky inversion.  Ick.  That's why I love evergreens.  They are a great complement to any landscape job and (bonus) they add color in the winter.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Thuja plicata (whipcord).  This is a small, slightly weeping form of the regular Arborvitae.  Its smooth evergreen foliage forms a compact shrub.  I love the pretty color, too.

2. Taxus media (Japanese spreader).  The needles on this shrub are actually soft and they grow out horizontally.  Again, they have a great color.

3. Pinus nigra (Arnold Sentinel Pine).  This is a columnar pine tree with dark green needles.  So pretty, though  not deer resistant.

4. Abies Lasiocarpa (Sub-alpine fir).  These trees can really make a statement.  This variety grows 30 to 50 feet tall, eight feet wide.

boxwood by Brooke

Going to start posting some of my favorite evergreens.  It's nice to have greenery that will look good in the dead of winter, especially in Cache Valley since it's always winter here.  Or at least feels that way in the middle of January with temperatures way below zero.  But I'm not complaining.  Ok, maybe a little bit.  

Moving on.  Boxwood has always been a favorite of mine.  It looks great in the summer and still looks good in the winter because it keeps its nice, green foliage.  It is also fun because you can prune boxwood and give it a nice shape.  Like here with the benches.  Think this would be fun to try.

I love the way the green breaks up the concrete.  It's a nice effect.


I'll be back soon with more evergreens.