Seasonal Planters by Brooke

I love changing up the planters and pots for the holiday seasons.  As long as they can handle the cold weather, it's a perfect way to accent your entryway in what could be a long, dreary, boring winter.  Not that it would be, though.  Just in case, right?  

Here's a few pics from instagram.  Love the fall colors with the kale here mixed with evergreens: blue spruce and mugo pine.

Fall Art by Brooke

Now that the weather is really getting colder (is that snow out there?), I am spending more time indoors.  Like sitting curled up in a blanket and reading books.  Well ok, maybe just in my dreams. Instead, I am trying to enjoy bringing fall into my house.  I just got a few prints from Owen Mortensen and have been loving the modern look they add.  Plus, they really bring the outdoors in and since I'm not ready to throw on my snow gear quite yet, it is nice to have.  Here are a few favorites:

Wishing I had all of these...and a book with a blanket.  Is that so much to ask?

Fall Colors by Brooke

I love the fall colors.  So many cool things to do with gourds, leaves, flowers.  If decorating for Halloween isn"t your thing, time to put together some beautiful fall arrangements and centerpieces.  Spotted these ones on Houzz.  Some really nice ideas:


Purple mums with butternut squash.  Love these colors:

Also love these white hydrangeas paired with yellow and green gourds:

Pinecones are always a fall classic.  Makes a pretty centerpiece.

These fig branches add great height and are perfect for fall:

I love this simple idea of a bowl of artichokes. It would be so easy and inexpensive but would last a long time.