flower arrangement

Home show and pretty flowers by Brooke

Speaking of the home show, here are a few pics from "The New Standard" out in Mt. Sterling.  You won't see much of the beautiful house in these, but these flower arrangements put together by Elise Reeder are simply breathtaking. DSCN0828

So pretty, right?  I love the statement flowers can make in any space and when you have a beautiful new home to work with....well, one can dream, I guess.

Those hydrangeas are actually cut right from the yard.  They are the Hydrangea Arboresens 'Abetwo' variety and they have a beautiful, full flower that blooms pretty much the entire summer and is still beautiful even this late in the year.



I love thinking that something this pretty is waiting just outside your front door.  Thanks, Elise, for the inspiration!

More cut flowers by Brooke

Happy belated fourth everyone!  I hope your holiday was filled with lots of fireworks and ice cream and barbecues.  And lounging, of course.  Lots and lots of lounging.  

Meanwhile, I have a few more pictures of cut flowers, or in this case, cut foliage for the home.  Those of you who don't have beautiful flowers growing in your garden, can still add pretty greenery.  Here are a few simple ideas:


First with a fern:

flower arrangement


Or here with this swiss cheese plant:

flower arrangement

So simple.


Other great foliage for fillers or just as a single leaf (like these) would be hosta, daylily leaves or heuchera.  Or if you are looking to plant some nice perennials that are great for cuttings, I like penstemon, peonies, allium, sedum, lavender or delphinium.  Fun to have these in your yard and easy to fill a vase when you are entertaining.


Would be the perfect decor for a backyard 4th of July party.  Next year, right?

Cut Flowers by Brooke

One thing I love about the spring/summer months (even into fall) is being able to bring your garden indoors.  I love having all the tools I need to create beautiful arrangements from something growing right outside.  Plus, if you are like me, it is fun to experiment with home decor.  And the best part: it's free. flower arrangement

I had fun with this one.  The flower is a foxtail.  Foxtail likes a full sun and dry soil and blooms in June and (obviously) has a full, dramatic flower that is perfect for cuttings.  Easy to bring in the house.  For filler, I used Hedgerow Gold Dogwood clippings.  I always like the contrast of flowers and foliage in an arrangement.  And foliage is usually much easier to come by.


More of these to come!

loving those peonies by sadie

Speaking of peonies, just came across these gorgeous images.  Love the idea of clipping some of these beauties off the back patio and filling a vase on the kitchen table.  So pretty.  It's nice when beautiful landscaping transfers well into the home.

Here with roses:

with thistles:

on the dining table:

This might even make mac & cheese look fancy.


In the car:

Would love to see this in the back of my car.  A nice replacement for spilled cheerios and wads of paper.  Plus I'll bet these would make an awesome air freshener.


Check out some more photos and flower arrangements here.