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Color Crush: Coral, Pink, Orange by Brooke

It's no secret that I have been loving mood boards lately.  They are as fun to put together as they are useful.  Plus, they are nice to look at.  Lately, I have been having a huge color crush on neon accents for outdoor accessories.  I love the pop of color they bring to lush, green landscaping.  My favorites lately are coral, pink, and orange. Put together my love for mood boards with my obsession with neon accents and I think you know where we're going with this.

First, an inspiration color palette I love:

coral accents


Which led to this mood board:

outdoor accessories

1.  Love the bright folding chairs here.  Thinking even spray painting old chairs might do the trick.

2. Designlush coffee table or bench.

3. I think using those neons as pillow accents is a perfect way for that pop of color.  The three pillows here are Frontgate.  The fabric (great for pillows or cushions) Perennials Fabric.

4. Love this zinc footed bowl (Restoration Hardware) and think pulling in the coral accents from the peonies and dahlias would perfect, though I love the idea of succulents in there as well.

5.  Flowers: Peony (Coral Charm) and Dahlias.

6. Tuuci shade umbrella.  Always a favorite.

7. I thought these drinks would be a fun (and less permanent way) to bring in those neon accents for a summer party.  Don't these look refreshing?

8. Love this throw.  Coral Wind Farm Patterned throw.


There you have it.  So fun, right?  Time to update the outdoor accessories for a new season.


Mood Boards by Brooke

I have been busy putting together mood boards for a new home we are landscaping this spring.  In fact, we are now about ready for installation time.  It is a lovely home with a beautiful pool and ample entertaining/dining areas.  I really enjoy putting together the inspiration boards and thought I would share a few favorites from this design.  

This first board is inspiration for the fire pit and entertaining area.  I love that this plan provides a lot of seating and an open area for guests to gather around.  Here, the fire pit will be positioned in the center with two chairs on either side and a sofa on the third side, making the whole formation a "U" shape.

Firepit area

1. This is the inspiration for the side table we are making.  There will be two of these and they will sit between the chairs on either side of the fire pit.  Photo from Room & Board.

2. Inspiration for the chairs.  Also from Room & Board.

3.  Solus Elevated Halo fire pit.  Just beautiful, right?  Even the name makes it sound cool.  This is the actual fire pit for the space.

4.  Some vases for the side table to add interest.  These are from Crate & Barrel.

5.  Throw pillows from Target.

6. Inspiration for the sofa.  Photo from Room & Board.


Adjacent to the fire pit and entertaining area will be the dining area.  Some really beautiful pieces here as well.

Dining Area

7. Two of these tables from our furniture line OpenAir.

8.  Accessories for the tables from Crate & Barrel.

9.  Fabric design for a table runner or tablecloth.

10. Chairs for the dining tables, also from OpenAir.

11. Basket for the tables, also from Crate & Barrel.


To finish things off, a lap pool and hot tub area extend the patio further.  It makes me want to go sit by the pool with a book right now.


12.  Baskets (Target) to hold towels and other pool accessories.

13. A few of these chaise lounges (CB2) in a couple different locations for some nice relaxation spots.


The entire set-up is really just breathtaking.  I love watching it all come together.






Design your Space: Part IV by Brooke

Finally, you have everything put together: floor, walls, roof.  You"ve put in pavers, planted tall shade trees, assembled umbrellas, and nailed down the pergola -- now it"s time to talk seating.  Seating, you ask?  Really?  Yes.  Really.  There is nothing more frustrating to me than designing a beautiful yard with ample room for entertaining only to see two dinky outdoor chairs placed haphazardly on the patio.  Come on, people!

After investing in a great yard, you want to be able to use that investment.  Which is why functional seating is so important.  Again, there are lots of options. (Do I sound like a broken record?)

You can do permanent seating, designed and built specifically for your space.  Like this bench.


via remodelista

I love this.  Benches are awesome for entertaining.  They We have a growing list of all the latest video and retro slots as well as all the s4gambling.com/fi/ classics you've grown to love such as Blackjack and Roulette. fit a lot of people.  They are great to eat a meal on, and you can always throw on some pillows to make them more exciting.

The built-in variety are great but they are, in fact,  built-in (duh).  Not quite as easy to switch out if you are wanting to change things up.  So buying outdoor furniture is another option and will still give you a great result.

outdoor seating

Really nice.  This came from a client of mine who added succulents to the smallish pots on the table.  I like the comfort here.  Almost feels like an outdoor living room.

Something else to consider is natural seating.  Like in this job.

outdoor entertaining

Remember this?  We were covering up a retention pond and loved the result.  Big grass steps great for an outdoor party.  More comfortable than concrete but a little more casual than actual furniture.  And seats a lot more, too.

And the best part of outdoor seating?  Accessories, of course.  Adding pillows and cushions is certainly the fun part and adds a lot of flair.  And because pillows are so easy to replace, you can indulge guilt-free.

I have literally been drooling over this line of modern outdoor fabrics.  I have about 10,000 projects going through my mind already.  And that"s just the beginning.

modern outdoor fabric

via design milk

Take stock of your own yard and evaluate your seating.  Is it functional?  Boring?  Classic? Non-existent? It"ll make a difference, I promise.


patio mood board by Brooke

modern landscape design Here's some inspiration pieces for an upcoming project we have.  The home is beautiful and will be featured in a home show this September.  This is the mood board specific to the patio and outdoor entertaining.  So much fun.  I love how everything is coming together.


All the furniture will be designed and built by our own brand, Open Air Furniture.  Stay tuned for some great pictures from this one.