3D Models by Brooke

Normally, I always draw out my landscape plans by hand.  I love doing them this way.  They are more aesthetically pleasing.  Really, like a piece of art.  And more fun for me to do rather than using a computer program.  However, there are some aspects of landscape and design that a 3D model is much more useful.  And fun to do for a change, too.  

Like this one I have been working on for a client.

3D Model

A design plan for a pergola.  The 3D Model is nice here because it has a more engaging design and much easier to see the proportions (like with my lovely virtual model standing here).  It also ensures that the client and I understand the intentions perfectly.

And another one for the same project:

3D Model

You get the full effect here with raised planter boxes, pergola, arbor and fencing and various levels and heights of each.



Then, the inspiration photos for the project.  I like using these with the models because it adds life and personality.

Here, the raised planter boxes:

Planter box

See the fence here:

And the arbor:

The whole thing fits together so nicely, and the models help with scale and proportion.  So fun to see it all come together.

Design Your Space: Part III by Brooke

I"ll bet you can see where this is going.  First the walls, then the floor.  What comes next?  Any guesses?




Roofs, of course.  Now remember we"re not talking traditional roofs like you have over your home.  Time to start thinking of a roof structure for your outdoor space.  Especially with all the heat this summer.  Roofs = Shade.  Which can make it about 20 degrees cooler, so like only 1,000 degrees instead of 1,020.  But really, it is amazing the difference shade can make.


Like with everything else, we have a few options.  Trees are a great source of shade and can be a more subtle and natural form of a roof.  But it takes time for trees to grow and they might block a nice view.

Pergolas are a nice, classic option.  Here is a pergola with an added roof on top to keep it especially shady below.

outdoor roofvia apartment therapy

Or a more classic option:

outdoor roof

via cuded

Another nice idea for a pergola:

outdoor roof

via luxist

That way you can keep it shady when it"s hotter and open it up when it cools off.

Of course umbrellas are always nice:

outdoor roof

via tuuci

And not quite so permanent.

Another favorite lately is sail shades.  These are a modern approach, sort of like umbrellas.  So easy to replace and will give nice shade.  This could easily be a DIY.  Get some outdoor fabric that weathers well and go to town.

So nice to finally get a roof over your heads, even if it is made out of cloth.