Weekend already? / by Brooke

Nice to have a holiday in the middle of the week.  Feels like we are getting a double whammy.  But in a good way, of course.  I"m feeling the urge to drop everything and run to the beach.  Sounds heavenly.  Ok, we"ll settle for the pool casino spiele online instead.  The beach can wait.  In the meantime, here are some links to explore:


If you didn"t get enough fireworks this week, check out these beauties in the flower bed (see image above).  Just breathtaking.

A great roundup for outdoor hosting.  Especially love the paper lantern and tire swing.

DIY outdoor cushions.  I really should whip some of these up.

Love this idea for recycling old sandboxes.

Check out this wisteria tunnel in Japan.  It"ll take your breath away.

Looking through these pictures makes me want to curl up and take a nap.  In a hammock, of course.