Winter Planters / by Brooke

Of course, everyone thinks of filling their pots and planters in the summer time, but I think winter is my favorite.  There is nothing like beautiful evergreens and branches when everything else is covered with snow...or dead. This year, I have especially enjoyed putting these together.  Here are a few I've worked on.  I made the final touches on these a couple weeks ago and then took a few quick pictures with my phone.

A more traditional, classic design.  Here I surrounded the boxwood with blue spruce branches, arborvitae, holly, and seeded eucalyptus branches.

winter planter

They are nice and full, and I love the red from the holly.


More of the same on this one.  Plus I added reindeer moss to give it another pop of color.  Hard to see from this angle, but the reindeer moss is a perfect complement to the darker evergreens.

photo 5 (2)

A better shot here, though a tad blurry (darn those phones):

photo 4 (3)
And some front door garland.  So inviting.
photo 4 (5)
Love the festive look and the low maintenance planters.  They will stay looking good all winter long.
Happy potting!