New planters by Brooke

We had lots of new planters delivered this week.  Here's a couple geometric planters, also from Capital Gardens.  Really pretty. photo 2


Love this nice, clean design.  We put some large agave in these planters, which takes up the entire space and has a great dramatic effect.  I really love them.


More pictures of some of our other planters coming soon.

Sturdy Planters by Brooke

I really love the difference some well-placed planters can make on a landscaping job.  We are anxiously waiting for several next week for one of my clients.  They've chosen these beautiful ones from Capital Gardens. classic planters


These are the Grosvenor Planters with a weathered finish called faux lead.  We're getting troughs, cubes, and bowls.  So fun.


I really love these planters, and not just the Grosvenor style.  There are lots more options: classic, modern, all kids.  What really sets these apart, though, is their durability.  In a climate as harsh as Utah, these are a great choice.  You can leave them out all winter and they won't split in the cold weather.  So nice.


We'll fill these with boxwood and annuals next week when they come in.  I'll be sure to snap some photos!

Synthetic Turf by Brooke

I know, I know.  Synthetic turf seems like it would be an unpopular topic around here.  But before you start picturing that florescent green rug like you'd find at your grandma's...or the dump, let me say that synthetic lawns have come a long way.  They make a lot of sense for a commercial property where you may want a manicured look without the upkeep.  Sound too good to be true?  It may not be.  

In fact, we have a client right now with an interior design office in Salt Lake and we've chosen synthetic turf through Forever Lawn.  Here is an inspiration photo for what we are putting together.





Pretty simple, but very classic.  Along with a concrete walkway, we'll be using synthetic turf and shaped boxwood.  Low maintenance, but still very manicured.  A nice combination and especially good for a commercial property where lawn care becomes just another headache. I think this will be a great choice.


Definitely something to consider if it fits your needs.

summer wedding by Brooke

Because who doesn't want an outdoor wedding with big white tents, hanging chandeliers, and lots and lots of peonies, roses, and hydrangeas? photo 4 (2)


Hello, fairy tale wedding, right?  I helped arrange the flowers last weekend and couldn't help but snap some pics as we were putting it all together.  So fun.  Lots of hydrangea, peonies, roses, dahlias, amaranthus, orchids, tulips, freesia, wax flower, olive branches, willow, seeded eucalyptus.  So yeah, basically all the good ones. Like, I said.  Fairytale wedding.

Here, in the workroom.  Getting ready to arrange.


photo 4

Geesh.  They even look good in five gallon buckets.


photo 1

Here, around the chandelier.

photo 3 (1)


Love this garland making an arbor for the bride and groom to stand beneath


photo 4 (3)


A few smaller arrangements next to a sofa.


photo 5 (2)

Some larger arrangements in the dining tent.  The tall vase makes it so guests can see across the table.

photo 5 (3)


So fun.  Loved the end result!


Backyard Sport Courts by Brooke

Summer is here.  Thank goodness.  It is getting warmer and busier.  Lots of both, which is good.  We have been busy, busy working on some projects and a few side ones.  I'll post photos of soon.  

Until then, I have been doing some research for a couple clients on sport courts.  What could be a better summertime activity than kids outside with a basketball or tennis racket?  I love the idea of a sport court because it appeals to so many ages.




There are a lot of things to think about when you are putting in a sport court.  What sort of fencing do you want? Lighting?  Do you want a tennis court, racket ball court, basketball court?  There are different flooring options, as well as different set-ups.  It can take a little work, but it is important to find the court that will be the best fit for your needs.



Of course, from a design standpoint, I like to think about how it will work in with the rest of the yard.

I like this idea here.  The beautiful patio/seating area right next to the court.  It seems like you will get a lot more use out of your court this way.  Really make it a focal point of your entertaining area.






Design Inspiration by Brooke

Still working on collecting ideas and inspiration for a current landscaping project. (See the project plans here.)  My client has a traditional/formal home and they are wanting to add some beautiful things -- both in and out.  Keeping in mind their classic style, here are a few images I have stumbled across that would be simply stunning.  What do you think?  

Love the statement of this boxwood entryway.  Adds a lot of drama.

classic landscaping




You knew I would use a lot of boxwood, right?  But it is such a great shrub and has a nice, classic design.  Very pretty and stays green all year.


boxwood bedsource


Some nice patio ideas:

wall and patiosource

formal patio


And the fun stuff.  The pool.  Amazing, right?

formal pool


Hoping to get things going soon!






More Landscaping Plans by Brooke

Another color-rendered plan I've been working on.  This one is a remodel with lots of beautiful things: trees, shrubs, perennials, the usual.  But also swimming pool, sport court and some interesting patio and entertaining space.  It's nice to see it from a bird's eye view and imagine it all coming together. SCANNED-PLAN

It's a beautiful home with a classic, clean style.  I will post updates as they come.  It has been a busy spring with lots of projects in the works.  Exciting stuff!

Spring planters by Brooke












I always love putting together easy planters for each season.  Easy is key since I usually like to change them out fairly often.  So here is one simle idea for spring.


photo 1

Doesn't this look spring-y?  That's the idea, anyway.  It is the reindeer moss that gives such a bright, fluorescent green alongside some primroses to add a pop of color.  Really fun, really easy.


New Plants for 2014 by Brooke

Here are a couple new plants I am anxious to try: Scutellaria and Eriogonum. Scutellaria was developed through Colorado State University's Plant Select Program.



Eriogonum through High Counry Gardens.




What I love about both of these is that they are developed specifically for our area and climate.  That means these plants are very drought resistant, resilient against most diseases and insects here, and they ideally keep their bloom the entire season.  Win-win-win.  Oh, and most importantly (duh) they are unique and very pretty.


Utah Style and Design by Brooke

Lots of exciting things to report, lately.  Like have you seen the Spring 2014 edition of the Utah Style and Design magazine?  They are featuring an Ogden remodel with our landscaping job.  

Look familiar?

style and design


Photo credit of Utah Style and Design


It's a beautiful home and was fun to see the landscaping come together along with the remodel.  Read the article online here.

A few reviews...and good news by Brooke

We are still gushing over our Houzz award and have decided to spread the love.  We are offering $100 towards a landscaping plan.  On us.  You can see the details on our Houzz profile.  Thank YOU for all your great reviews.  Here are a few from past clients.  You can read the rest or add your own on Houzz.

Our backyard desperately required a master plan. We had many needs: deck, patio with privacy and recommendations for plants. Brooke came out to access the situation and discussed our needs. She returned with a design and ideas that perfectly fit our needs. Her knowledge of plants was impressive too. If you find yourself staring at a portion of your yard with no clue where to start (as we were), call Brooke and Ag-Trac. For a minimal fee they articulated, thru design, exactly what we envisioned. They saw potential in our yard where we saw a head ache.

I have had a working relationship with Travis and Brooke now for a number of years. They are professional and up to date on what is new in the business. I appreciate the prompt return of my call whether starting a new project with Ag-Trac or to discuss a project that is already in the works. We have designed many different looks with Ag-Trac and have been satisfied with them all. Whether it was something dramatic that was needed or a simple flower bed, we have been thrilled with the results. You can't go wrong with this company. They are committed to making your vision a reality!

My home is a modern style, built in 1964 that underwent a complete interior renovation in 2011. After it was finished, we decided to renovate some of the landscaping. Brooke and Travis were referred to us by our interior designer, who is not only very talented, but particular about other professionals as well. Both Brooke and Travis were extremely professional, highly knowledgeable, dependable, honest, fair and were sensitive to a budget and timeline. After the initial consultation and estimate, they were very willing to answer every question I had and check other options that we discussed. I was never made to feel like I was taking up too much time to have them do research on their end.

We get LOTS of compliments on our home, and we love how well the landscaping compliments the architecture and interior design of our home. I plan on using Ag-Trac in the future and highly recommend them to anyone wanting a professional team and result!

Contemporary Patio by Salt Lake City Landscape Contractors Ag-Trac Enterprises LC

Best of Houzz by Brooke

We are excited, honored, and well...flattered to announce our Best of Houzz 2014 award, as a result of our customer satisfaction and positive reviews from past clients.

Remodeling and Home Design

Check out our profile at Houzz here to read reviews and see photos of previous projects.  To celebrate, we will be running a promotion for new clients.  Check back here soon for details!

potted orchids by Brooke

I'm not wanting to jinx us, but it looks like we will get an early spring this year.  Hooray.  That means I will soon have lots of projects to report on, but for now we are staying busy. But in the meantime, I have really been enjoying beautiful, potted orchids lately.

potted orchid



They add so much life through those dreary winter months.  Plus, as a potted plant, they last all winter long --- as opposed to a beautiful flower arrangement that lasts only a few days.  I love seeing them around.  So pretty.


More exciting things to come soon.


A few pretty valentines by Brooke

Happy Valentines Day!  Loving the holiday dedicated to conversation candy hearts and oversized chocolate bars.  That's what we're celebrating, right?  

Here are a few favorites I've spotted for Valentines:

I would love to walk home to this beautiful peony arrangement.



Or this one.




Love the simple heart garland.




Love this valentine:




Happy Valentines!

Classic Inspiration by Brooke

In light of my color rendered landscape design, I have been putting together a few inspiration photos to work from.  Since this client has a beautiful, english tudor style home, we have decided to keep the landscape very classic and formal, lots of clean lines and lots of structure.  Green boxwoods, white perennials.  That sort of thing.  

Here a few inspiration photos I gathered up from pinterest along those lines:



I love how the boxwood hedges the perennials in the middle here.

formal landscape design



classic design



Lovely pathway

another classic



Lots of potted boxwood with a nice, rounded shape.

classic boxwood





Valentine's Day by Brooke

A beautiful pink succulent for Valentine's Day.  Lovely. pink succulent




I like this idea of holiday decorating.  A little more subtle than conversation hearts and pink m&ms, though those are pretty good, too.

A Fresh Start by Brooke

It's already mid-January and it feels good to get a nice, clean start on everything.  And since we are not doing a whole lot of landscaping projects in the dead of winter (go figure, right?) it is a good time for me to start working on landscaping plans for the upcoming spring.  

Here is one I have been putting together lately.  Colored Landscaping Plans


Aren't these colored plans pretty?  Designing them in color makes a big difference, I think.  For this client, we are redoing the front walk and driveway areas, as well as the patio and retention walls.  Also, some planted terraces.  It's a very classic/formal style and I love how it is coming together.


Nice to add some color to a sometimes dreary time of year.

holiday planters by Brooke

Here are the promised pictures of a few planters I put together.  I snapped these with my phone, but you get the idea. dogwood


And a closer shot

modern holiday planter


These are simple but perfect for the holidays.  There's dogwood in the center with spruce and pine cuttings around with some wired pinecone bunches and pomegranates with green reindeer moss.  You could even take out the red and have a nice winter look that will last until spring.  See, so simple.  But I really like how these turned out.

some holiday inspiration by Brooke

So it's here.  Christmas is upon us.  Which is equal parts wonderful, exciting, frightening, and anxiety-inducing.  Especially since we only have a few short weeks left.  Lately, I have been working on holiday planters for a few clients, so of course I have some inspiration pieces I thought I'd share.  Pictures of the actual planters should be coming soon, but in the meantime, aren't these lovely? holiday planters


Sources: 12, 3, and 4

holiday scents by Brooke

Can't believe the holidays are already here.  I think I have been dreaming about pumpkin pie and turkey for weeks now.  Yum.  Since I've been designing holiday outdoor planters, I am really in the mood for the holidays.  I'm ready to break out the tree and decorations already and have been gathering all my Christmas favorites.  The past couple years, I've been loving Mrs. Meyers holiday cleaners.  Bonus: I am actually motivated to clean my counter tops.  Win win win! 3holidayHeroImage


Check it out.  In fact, come try it on my counter tops.  I think it works best there!  If you need me, I'll be sitting by the fire reading a good book.